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     Kumusta! Hello! My name is PRINCESS.


I'm a Filipino-American illustrator and BG painter for animation based in Los Angeles County.

Much of my artwork is deeply influenced by Filipino culture, my family, and nature.

I have a deep love for visual story-telling and children's media.

When I'm not painting, I love baking, sewing, traveling,

reading graphic novels and children's books, visiting museums and beaches, and eating ice cream.

I am currently AVAILABLE for full-time background paint positions! 

My clients include Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Bento Box, and Papercutz Graphic Novels.


You may contact me for any animation work-related inquiries or say "Hi!" at:


You may contact my agent Saritza Hernandez for any children's book-related inquiries at:


Looking forward to hearing from you!